My Father’s House

The story of our church has several chapters. A few of them focus closely on carrying on the Family Business, actively reaching into our community to share God’s love.

Next year will be our 100th year as a church! 100 years! In 1919, Woodrow Wilson was president; the US population was 105 million (compared to 325 million today); there were race riots in 26 US cities as well as wars and rumors of war; dial telephones were introduced by the American Telephone and Telegraph Company; for those who like sports: the Reds beat the White Sox in the World Series, the college football National Championship was shared by Harvard, Illinois, and Texas A&M, the Stanley Cup was a ‘No Decision’ due to the influenza epidemic, and the NFL wouldn’t be created until a year later in 1920.

In June of that year, 13 people met in a home on Detroit St. and JaxNaz Church took root. Those roots would be transplanted into various locations throughout the years as lives were changed and growth occurred until, in 1995, we moved to our current location.

Many of us only know of life at 3905 Clinton Rd., but some remember a few of these moves and that every step of courage and faith was serious business...activity requiring time and effort and sacrifice, usually with the avoidance of distractions.

From the beginning, our business as a church, our activity, has been others-focused. We’ve moved forward by faith, reached for 1000 by the year 2000, and built for those to come. All along we were driven by the belief that everyone ought to know Jesus and that, once they know him; they ought to know him better. There has never been a huge emphasis on our comfort or playing it safe. We have been on mission, on the move, because God is on the move. We do what we see the Father doing.

One of our next moves in the Family Business is to plant a church in September 2019...our 100th year! Over the last year, we’ve talked about Found Church and Pastor Chris Heydenburg, we’ve had meetings to share vision and garner support, a core team has been formed as well as more than 50 individuals ready to be a part of the launch team.


It’s an Investment

The successful launch of Found Church includes purchasing everything needed to provide weekly worship services and the total operating costs for its first year.

Building The Storehouse calls for an accounting of all construction materials and labor as well as shelving, a forklift, and other equipment needed to carry out the growing impact of Compassionate Ministries.

invest today ▸

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Found Church

Almost 2,000 years ago, Jesus told his followers to go find lost people so they could be found in him. Today is no different.

The message of salvation and freedom Jesus shared with those first disciples is meant for all people. That includes the 111,000 people in Jackson County with no religious affiliation. While JaxNaz is ready to receive the lost, the truth of the matter is most lost people won’t come to us. That means we have to go to them.

Church plants typically grow 12 times faster than established churches. Plus, 60-80% of people who attend planted churches are new believers. That means church plants just reach more lost people than established churches do.

Found Church officially launches September 8, 2019, but our active reach starts today. So, let’s go!






September 8, 2019


My Father’s Things

The next chapter begins in the 1980’s. While the world fell in love with Rubix Cubes, Trapper Keepers, Sony Walkmans, and The A-Team, volunteers from our church came together to sell baked goods and homemade crafts at the Westwood Mall. The funds that were raised through these efforts each fall were used to help people in need with food, transportation, clothing, and housing expenses. That passion to actively reach into our community grew as volunteers began serving at the Interfaith Shelter, hosting a community-wide Thanksgiving dinner, and changing the oil in cars for single moms. In August of 2003, our food pantry opened - in a closet - with about 8-10 pounds of food.  

The number of ministries and the people being served has continued to grow throughout the years. Because of this, in 2012, Compassionate Ministries of Jackson County (CMJC) was established as a 501(c)(3) organization. CMJC continues to build community by partnering with other churches, schools, organizations, and businesses, bringing positive change and hope through its hunger, community transformation, and special needs ministries.  

In 2017, our hunger ministries alone were blessed with the opportunity to share 89 tons of food with nearly 5,000 families during food pantry, 4,000 families at 10 mobile pantry sites, 16 church partners throughout Jackson County, and 16 school partners by filling 8,700 backpacks to provide families with weekend sustenance. Remember the 8-10 pounds in 2003?

Another “next move” in the Family Business will happen in 2019 - our 100th year! We will extend and expand our active reach of sharing God’s love through CMJC once again.

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CM Jackson

Poverty levels are up, adults with special needs have limited opportunities for community, and people are simply going hungry.

We are here to share God’s love with people in need – whether those needs are tangible, emotional, or spiritual.

People matter to us because they matter to God. That’s why we treat every food pantry guest with dignity; David’s Promise helps adults with special needs serve, worship, and have community; and we partner with other local churches to reach people we simply can’t get to.

We want to build a 4,000 square foot facility to strengthen our existing partnerships and forge new ones as we follow Jesus into the next phase of our ministry. This facility, called The Storehouse, includes a walk-in freezer, loads of shelf storage, and space for volunteers to sort clothes, fill backpacks with food, prep resources for church partners, and more.

We can’t wait to see God’s active reach through this tremendous ministry tool!






November 2019


Please Note: We will update this website throughout the campaign. So, check back in for more information as we move forward.